Picturing Coffee... / by Boris Kownatzki

The first time I heard about developing film with coffee I thought it was a funny joke. But then I read a little bit more about it and found out that people really use coffee as a film developer. As an canalogue photography AND coffee enthusiast, I had to try it myself. Especially as from an ecological point of view it’s much more friendly to the environment than classic developers.

All you need is: some instant coffee (the stronger the better…), washing soda and some vitamin C.

The recipe is from caffenol.blogspot.com and worked out very well. I just added two spoons of iodized salt as I was developing an ISO 400 Ilford HP5+ film.

My only critique:: it smells not exactly like a freshly brewed coffe you would love to drink in the morning to become awake…


RESULTS [Ilford HP5+, Contax 139, Soligor 24mm 1/2,5]